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National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center


National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center

National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center rely on the school of Electronic Information and Communications in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It is a national research and development organization, specialized in the core of anti-counterfeit technology research and engineering development. It is our source of anti-counterfeit technology innovation and industrialization demonstration base, undertake the task of enhancing our national anti-counterfeit technology and the level of product; It is Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy Union anti-counterfeit units; vice chairman unit of  Chinese anti-counterfeit industry Association; standardization Committee of China's anti-counterfeit unit. National Engineering Research Center of anti-counterfeit is specialized in 7 large R & D directions: "anti-counterfeit traceable key technologies", "holograms integrated technology", "RFID anti-counterfeit key technology", "anti-counterfeit features materials and structures", "Biometrics and multispectral image encryption anti-counterfeit technology," "intelligent information encryption and anti-counterfeit technology," "comprehensive anti-counterfeit integration technology". We build up 9 laboratories: "optical information encryption and identification laboratory", "intelligent information and anti-counterfeit technology laboratory", "identification and Bioinformatics intelligent systems Laboratory "," data Mining and computer Vision computing Lab", " holographic optics and photographic print function laboratory "," Product traceability and data processing laboratory "," anti-counterfeit features materials and Structures laboratory "," smart cards and things Lab "," Financial anti-counterfeit technology laboratory ". We cooperate with Australia University of Technology Sydney and build up a China-Australia joint laboratory for informational physical counterfeit identification. Meanwhile, the state anti-counterfeit engineering and technology research center owns two high-tech company as industrial base "Image Technology Development Co., Ltd. Wuhan laborers" and "Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd.".


Since the establishment of the National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center, it achieved remarkable results in terms of engineering technology research and development, Engineering and industrialization based on the results of the study, personnel training and so on. We solve six common problems exist in the field of Anti-counterfeit. We also have reached the international advanced level of the seven core technology. The center meet national Anti-counterfeit needs, undertake and complete the national, provincial and enterprises 172 projects, a total of 150 million yuan funding, including two national “Twelfth-Five Years Plan” science and technology projects, "integrated Anti-counterfeit system key technology research and application development" and "anti-counterfeit identification and traceability of key technologies"; a major national and international scientific and technological cooperation projects, "financial instruments and testing anti-counterfeit key technology and Application cooperative research ". We acquire 104 national authorized patents, 23 software copyrights, Presided and participated in the development of the eight national anti-counterfeit standards, including quality management, achieved national certification system 8, national and provincial awards more than 14 items; national Engineering Research Center for anti-counterfeit were given outstanding acceptance in the operation assess by the Ministry of Science in 2008 and 2012.


National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center build up "anti-counterfeit industry common technology integration innovation center" website is the national unique anti-counterfeit industry patent literature database search platform, the only anti-counterfeit industry standard bricks literature database search platform, to provide anti-counterfeit services for companies and research institutions, plays an important role in accelerating the transformation of scientific research; diffraction grating encryption and machine-readable technology fill nation’s technology gaps in holographic anti-counterfeit encryption machine-readable, the technology is industrialized and replace imported products. Based national Science and Technology support Program and the national and international science and technology topics cooperation projects support, the center developed the first multifunction money detector device in line with "national instrument for verifying the RMB General technical conditions" class A standard. The device includes more than 20 patents, forms a patents group in multispectral anti-counterfeit RMB detection and recognition processing algorithms and technology. We has developed a completely independent intellectual property class A core components, products and sales by project co-operation unit "Zhejiang Weirong Electronic Co., Ltd.", the direct economic value is nearly 300 million as of June 2014. Though the promotion by Zhejiang WeiRong Electronics Co., 13 domestic enterprises apply this technology, and the indirect benefits has reached more than 1 billion. The product has entered the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and other large, medium and small hundred banks. Such technology has been applied 22 related patents. Several technologies such as RMB Serial Number recognition technology are in a leading position. In recent two years, we have developed a half sorter movement, and it has been tested in the clearing center of Guangdong commercial banks, expected to be complete industrial production by the end of 2014. Meanwhile, the center began to study multispectral image anti-counterfeit features ATM anti-counterfeit identification and processing and clearing R & D sub-modules.

With the rapid adoption and development of networking technology, market demand and the National Product Quality Supervision security products put a strong demand to traceable anti-counterfeit production in recent years. The National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center set up a special anti-counterfeit traceable laboratory, and cooperate with a number of national anti-counterfeiting technology associations and enterprises, established the National professional Committee of product quality and traceability in 2014. In the research of electronic anti-counterfeit technology based on multi-dimensional codes, RFID-based traceability of product quality and physical networking technology, we launched a series of work, chaired or participated in a number of national or provincial supporting plan, and achieved several research results, including patents, software copyrights and a number of research papers, etc. After a lot of preliminary research work, we have a comprehensive grasp of the principles and application of RFID tag technology, developed color multi-dimensional code anti-counterfeit card and integrated information system; it is compatible with different RFID reader by low-cost embedded middleware. The embedded middleware can be customized with enterprise data content, seamlessly access enterprise management system, including RFID-based personnel management system, RFID code resolution system, assured pork traceability system based on RFID. We have published national or international RFID related academic paper more than thirty, develop a number of new technologies, new methods, and has more than 10 patents for invention, two software copyrights. In cooperate with Jin Yuan Mao Feng with Beijing New Technology Development Co. and other companies, we research and develop a partial of universal national anti-counterfeit product traceability platform.

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