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Internet Technology and Engineering Research



Hei Xiaojun   Associate Professor


Huang Jiaqing   Associate Professor

Academic area: Network measurement, software defined network, Internet applications, network security

Liu Wei    Associate Professor


Peng Kai     Associate Professor

Academic area: Embedded systems, network security and monitoring, sensor networks

Wang Yuming  Associate Professor

Academic area: Large network and database application system,Statistical analysis and decision support system, Cloud computing system

Xu Wei   Associate Professor

Academic area: The modern network technology, information security, artificial intelligence, computer vision and graphics

Yuan Wei  Associate Professor


Zhu Ming Associate Professor

Academic area: Signal processing, ultrasonic gas detection, image processing

Gao Yayu   Lecturer

Academic area: Wireless communication and network, network performance analysis and optimization, the next generation of wireless local area network (LAN) standards

Xu Jing   Lectrurer

Academic area: Network security, wireless communication, network data analysis

Cheng Wenqing Professor

Academic area: Modern network communication technology, wireless communication network technology, distance education key technology, electronic commerce technology

Wang Shu    Professor


Xia Tian  Professor


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