Liu Bo


Associate Professor

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Academic Areas: digital signal processing, the design of embedded system, network communication technology, multimedia communication.

He has host many international cooperation projects in Norway: (2012) "XQuery language conversion document". Hangzhou Hua Technology Co. Ltd., presided over the three cooperation projects: (2012) the "DVPN project" (2011) "DNS project" "wireless CAPWAP two development presided over"; Wuhan Gaode infrared project (2010) "of infrared image based on COFDM transmission" "ship platform stabilization", (2009) "wide module input voltage switching power supply" presided over the Wuhan Jiaming laser project (2010) "USB multi mode laser marking"; (2009) "DSP digital lamp pumped laser power supply products"; presided over the completion of Guangdong Science Center Exhibition Project (2007) "the phantom foot ball", "magnetron puppet" and "digital home experience center"; presided over the completion of Wuhan pan branch substation maintenance equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. project (2006) "relay protection tester" (2005) "high voltage switch characteristic tester" and won the National Innovation Fund for small and medium sized enterprises financing; in 2001 to complete the design and development of main control system of laser marking machine on the Chinese science and technology. In 1996 -2000 participate in the whole production trial 155/622/2500 optical communication equipment development in Shenzhen Huawei company. The 1988 study of optical fiber sensor in -1992 years, two achievements won the provincial and ministerial level identification. Published over 20 papers, three patents, 4 utility model patents.

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