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Luo Xiwen


Male, born in 1945, Hunan, China Academy of Engineering. He graduated from our department in July 1970.He is currently professor of Engineering, South China Agricultural University, doctoral tutor, He is also the Review Convenor of State Council Academic Degrees Committee of Agricultural Engineering , Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering and vice president, and vice president of China Society of Agricultural Machinery, Guangdong provincial Agricultural Machinery Institute vice-president, "Agricultural Engineering" deputy editor, "Agricultural Machinery" editorial board, and ASABE, AAAE, CIGR, ISTVS, ISTRO other international academic organization members.

Main research areas: development of agricultural mechanization strategy and planning; Southern agricultural machinery and equipment of key technologies, focusing on laser grader paddy rice factory seedlings, rice precision hill live subsoiling tillage machines and cane fields of key technologies; the key technologies of precision agriculture focus on 3S technology, agricultural information on agricultural fast acquisition technology, machine vision and image analysis and computer platforms precision agriculture. He was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2009.

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