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Zhu zhongliang


Male, born in 1936, come from jiangxi nanchang , member of Chinese academy of sciences, telecommunications technology experts.In 1961 graduated from our department.And now he is a researcher  in the institute of Southwest electronic telecommunications technology . He was mainly engaged in the detection, recognition, signal and information processing, security and other related theory and technology research. He was in charge of many large projects such as developed multi-functional information system based on communication  satellite . By the means of the theory of system science and research, he  solve the key technologies for both the overall efficiency of the system.He adopt the top-level design method, and realized the multi-function compatible, in each function subsystem of comprehensive utilization of resources and information interaction research has made significant achievements.He also study the efficient antifading anti-jamming signal detection and data fault-tolerant technology, technology and information processing, which play an important role in improving the performance of the wireless digital transmission system .In the study of communication network and information security has made achievements.Has twice won the national science and technology progress prize, was elected as member of Chinese academy of sciences in 1999.

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