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Carl chang academician employment consultant professor in our school


On April 4 in the morning, Iowa state university department of computer science professor Carl chang consultant employed as professor ceremony was held on the 1st floor guests reception room.Vice President zhang qing-ming luo professor as presented. Qing-ming luo shows warm welcome professor Carl chang's visit, and introduced the school in scientific research, personnel training, the aspects of subject construction achievements, believe that professor zhang to join will promote the development of related disciplines.Professor summer one thousand "youth", telecommunications, introduced professor zhang's achievements in the field of computer science. International exchange department, deputy director of the Wang Shu he gang, telecom department professor, deputy dean professor wen-yu liu, telecommunications department professor related teachers' representative to attend the activities. Professor Carl chang during the visit to made two wonderful lecture related to the teachers and students.In "scene in the software engineering" as the theme of the speech, professor zhang is given to the software development of the next 10 to 20 years in the field of vision, put forward combined with human-computer interaction, Human computer interaction, HCI, neuroscience and a series of frontier science knowledge development in the field of software architecture in the future.In "how to break the glass ceiling" as the theme of the speech, professor zhang and Shared his young scholars in IEEE Computer Society30 precious experience for many years.Introduced the IEEE Computer Society within the scope of the world's largest Computer science professional organization of organization structure, operation mode, and emphatically introduced how to review the academic thesis, as a professional academic journal editors, and how the international academic organizations can play the Chinese leadership and western culture. Professor Carl Chang (Carl k. Chang) is a famous Chinese American computer scientists, the department of computer science at the university of Iowa state, department of international society for electrical and electronic engineers jesuits, American association for the advancement of science, member of the European academy of sciences.In 2004, professor zhang became chairman of the IEEE Computer society, and the IEEE Software and IEEE Computer two international authoritative academic journal's chief Editor (Editor devoted in).Iowa state university is one of the world's first modern Computer the birthplace of ABC (Atanasoff - Berry Computer).



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