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Our students receive 2014 IEEE EMC Symposium Tian Xinxin best student paper award


According to the fourth quarter of 2014 published by the IEEE EMC news magazines, our hospital level 2011 Tian Xinxin PhD students in the IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility meeting contribute articles "Modeling Electromagnetic Radiation at High - Density PCB/Connector Interfaces" enter meeting and by the IEEE EMC Society expert voted 2014 IEEE EMC Symposium in EMC direction Best Student Paper Award (Best Student EMC Paper Award). At the same time, Tian Xinxin students another article "Numerical study of Glass - Weave Effects on High - Speed Interconnects in Printed Circuit Board," were 2014 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Power Integrity (2014 IEEE EMC Symposium branch) nominated for the direction of the Signal/Power Integrity is one of the three Best Student Paper (Finalists for the Best Student SI/PI Paper Award). The IEEE EMC Symposium is the international electromagnetic compatibility and the signal/power integrity is very influential in the field of the meeting.Formally employed 178 articles of this conference, the fierce competition, finally selects the one article for "Best Student EMC Paper Award", 1 piece for "Best Student SI/PI Paper Award", 1 piece for "Best EMC Paper Award" and 1 article for "Best SI/PI Paper Award".This is also our students the best paper award for the first time the conference. Tian Xinxin classmate is a national study foundation support our school and the Missouri University of Science and Technology joint training doctoral student, by the United States, James l. Drewniak, Jun Fan, Yaojiang qing-xia li Zhang, and our hospital professor, associate professor of liang-qi GUI common guidance. See also: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?Tp = & arnumber = 7022508

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