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UT ? Starcom "seed Cup" contest for mobile development ended successfully


In the evening of December 15th, the key activities of the "seed Cup" Mobile development contest in the Fourteenth Mission Campus Technology section concluded successfully, hosted by the School of Electronic Information and Communications and lasted two months,. UT ? Starcom research vice president Zheren Huang , Party branch secretary Min Ai,Professor of School Yu Liu, deputy secretary of the school group Di Luo, Dian team leader Guohui Zhong, and other guests faculty attended the final and closing ceremony. Ten finalists support team went through fierce competition and other aspects of the audience vote, like live respondent, referees and guests scoring reviews, and finally OverHust team work, "Branch map" won for this "seed Cup" title and a million in prize money.
The difference between this year and last year's contest is to invite some alumni who have formed a jury in the business, and judge from a professional point of view of the entries were creative, technology, design evaluation in three areas. At the same time the final contest gets rid of a single technology works examine ways to make finalists and turn it into a site of reply, from requirements analysis to the design module, to technology, even the prospect analysis, moving side to show a comprehensive investment value product development, operational processes, and more emphasis on the assessment of the overall quality of the team, the players will play a wonderful atmosphere to a climax multiple times.
OverHust champion team work, "Branch Map" providing a distinctive Branch Street Map service, can accurately locate all school buildings. The design team works "love Tucao" which won the second prize help everyone to publicly vent their negative emotions through out the state to regulate mood and purpose. In addition, unique works Gamepad team also won the second prize, Dream Team, GeticLiu Liupei Ming, ice-rock squad won the third prize.
OverHust team members Fan Hongwei said Branch maps and other maps application of comparative advantage is accurate navigation, which is 谷歌 Maps, Baidu map cannot be done, and now they are still doing basic street maps, platform structures. The function now is only navigation, find and school buses, and the future will be in-depth development platform, based on the reality of doing interactive streetscape.
Unique team do Gamepad for stand-alone game, client and connect your phone to the computer via the APP, the phone becomes a game pad, flexible operation, precise steering, an effective solution to a similar type of game speed coaster inconvenient problem with the keyboard. "Imagine using the keyboard to control the vehicle steering is not felt very uncomfortable with the joystick on the gamepad, joystick offset angle can accurately tell you which angle the vehicle should turn to, no awkward easy and intuitive, but also saving to buy a game handle money. "Hongcai Deng, one of the team members introduces their products. Department of Telecommunications Internet Center Professor Weifu Xu right Gamepad given a high rate, and advised them to "handle the game application so refined, so that the product may have a high amount of downloads."
Hutchison formula developed APP ice rocks squad specifically for students studying in the study room to relax after a long self-study for adjustment, APP professional formula as the game will pass through to answer questions and help students learn to adjust status, to deepen the memory of formula, and can publish the results to a circle of friends, in order to motivate the students remember the formula.
Vice Professor Xu Wei gave targeted reviews for each team works, specially mentioned if you can integrate the advantages of different teams, then the effect will be better cooperation.
Professor Liu Yu commented on the "seed Cup" works maturity, which says it has great investment value, and is willing to introduce investment matchmaking teams.
The "seed Cup" brings not only a large number of high-quality mobile Internet products, but also led the campus mobile development trend. "Seed cup" is also the School’s brand activities. This technological innovation provides a platform for the exchange of students and learning opportunities on campus to create a good atmosphere for scientific and technological innovation.
It is reported that "seed Cup" began in 2005; in 2007 became part of the campus Science Festival became the focus of activities since 2008; in recent years has been the strong support of schools and enterprises, the development trend of more and more vigorous. Different from the previous programming competition, it is the first time this year's "seed Cup" contest for in the mobile development as the theme, focused on the development of mobile Internet products, attracting a total of more than fifty teams from nearly twenty departments including telecommunications, computers, machinery and other departments. This year's work content, Branch map, write formulas, physical experiments appointment, love tucao virtual handle development, classroom cameras, covering all aspects of school life, truly come from life, and aim to serve the students.

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