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Experts focusing on the fifth generation of wireless communication technology


January 15 to 18, the new wireless communication technology forum held in the school. More than 20 experts and scholars from more than 10 colleges and universities around the fifth generation of wireless communications transmission capacity, network capacity, new technology and the evolution of direction and other issues in depth and prospects.
In the forum, experts and scholars from around the theme theme of the report, discussion exchanges. National Labor Medal, National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation winner, young "973" chief scientist, professor at Tsinghua University Chen Wei for "Beyond the pipeline: from virtual full-duplex to calculate social network" report. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young winners, first prize winner of the Shanghai Technology Invention Award, Shanghai Jiaotong University professor Hongkai Xiong as "data-driven multimedia signal processing and communications," the report. National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation winner, young "973" chief scientist, Peking University Professor Song Yang Order as a "full-duplex wireless communication and network" report. Winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, IEEE Rice Paper Award winner, Southeast University professor to make a report, "Stone massive multi-antenna wireless transmission link theory and technology". Central Organization Department "Young thousand" program selected candidates, professor of Nanjing University of Posts and Zou Yulong as "opportunity-based network security and reliability analysis relay" report. Central Organization Department "Young thousand" program was selected by Professor University of Science and Technology of China, Chen Gong as a "light-scattering wireless channel modeling communication and communication signal processing" report. "Huangshan Young Scholars" Distinguished Professors, Hefei University Qingfeng Zhou as "TDMA-based MAC Collaboration Strategy" report.
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young winner, Professor Jiang Tao in EIC hosted forum. Jiang Tao believes, along with fourth-generation wireless communications technology matures and the outbreak of end-use applications, the mobile Internet to the communications industry has brought unprecedented prosperity. Future wireless communication technology will develop to a higher spectral efficiency and faster, lower cost direction. Organized the forum aims to actively promote the basic research of the wireless communications industry and related disciplines, to enhance the core competitiveness of China's telecommunications industry.
National Natural Science Foundation of China Information Department official, Vice President Yong attended the forum. Party branch secretary of the National Laboratory for Optoelectronics Song Xia , the dean of EIC Shu Wang, and teachers and students of EIC participate in the forum.

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